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Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to helping you to implement better into your life and becoming the best version of you. In 2009, There was a dire need for me to start the bFIT4Lifer brand. I felt the need to explain who and what “bFIT4Lifer” is – so that you would understand why this brand is so important.

bFIT4Lifer (N)oun : someone full of faith, invested for an inheritance and transformation by beholding.

In addition to starting my personal brand, I own and operate a personal training fitness biz, The bFIT Studio, serving Camden city and beyond. I direct the bFIT Kids Club a NJ non-profit and co pastor the Victory Outreach Camden church. 

My passion is to coach women to live a bFIT lifestyle…through fitness programs, nutritional coaching via my ‘ Did I Eat That’ and Just10 flagship programs. I want to empower women to become the best version of themselves. My goal is to teach women to hone a healthy mindset by breaking the crash dieting and give them tools to live a bFIT lifestyle.

Allow me to quote my favorite Gospel and R&R Christian Artist, Yolanda Adams. These are the lyrics of my life song“ How big is your imagination, how much do you dream. Have you ever had a vision that seem so far to reach.” In her song ‘Anything’ captures the essence of that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself, and stand on your faith.

A few fun facts about me.

• I got into fitness in 2007 when my personal weight loss transformation started a fitness ministry called bFIT4Life as part of my local church. We launched fitness challenges and people trusted the process and knowledge I had in helping them reach there bFIT goals.

• I am a Jersey girl born and raised from the suburb to the city.

• I am a women who struggles with PCOS. I have come to embrace the body that I have because of it and have a desire to help other women cope with the issues and syndrome.

• My high school dream was to live in Miami, Florida and be a famous writer. I desire to write and publish a book based off my life song ‘Anything’

• I am the oldest of two brothers. I mother two boys.

  • My bucket list desires include learning to swim, pipe gliding and to compete in a NPC figure competition before the age of 50.
  • My favorite colors are all shades of blue and pink.
  • My favorite foods are lasagna, cheese, cake and French vanilla coffee. I have these in moderation.

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  • Testimonial

    Lysa is an amazing trainer. First worked with her at Lucille Roberts and for great results and now working with her again to get into the best shape ever. She is helping me to reach my goals thru proper clean nutrition and keeping me accountable with workouts.

    Debbie Kelly of Mt. Ephraim, NJ ,
  • Testimonial

    Lysa is a Phenomenal trainer and coach. She pushes me to do things I never though I could do and would never do on my own. The nutritional insights she has brought to my lifestyle has helped me lose a dress size and remain healthy.

    Bridget Phifer of Blackwood, NJ,
  • Testimonial

    I love training with Lysa. She is my in home trainer that has become like family. Training with her for 3 years now in the midst of physical issues and challenges I am stronger, more balanced and reaching my fitness goals.

    Sharon Carvone of Audubon, NJ,
  • Testimonial

    I had been gradually making lifestyle changes to gain better health and better energy. I thank God Lysa was placed in my path! During our consultation, she shared her struggle with PCOS and I felt I could relate to her, being a Black women with weight gain challenges. She taught me exercises specially designed for me with my back issues, knee issues and feet issues. I have been using them for over a year now, and definitely see and feel positive results! I still have a way to go with discipline in what/when I eat, and she has been very encouraging to get me to the finish line! I see her being my trainer/teacher/friend for a very long time!

    Michelle Ray of Palmyra, NJ,