21 Day Release – BIG Moments!

21 Day Release – BIG Moments!

As any woman in her 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond can attest: with age comes wisdom. The Bible says, ‘“Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding,”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Often, no matter how careful and secure and safe we stay in our lives, we are inevitably challenged with things that open our mind to a new understanding of the world and we become more knowledgeable. 

The 2018 year, has been a year of Big Moments for my marriage, family, career and mindset. This was a year of tuff decisions for me. Those moments, caused some big shifts to take place.

My Biggest 2018 moment was the day my youngest son, Christopher got married. It didn’t really hit me until one day I was walking in the basement to put a load of laundry in and put way some wedding decor to storage that I realized, I have released him to another woman. Tears! That was a big moment. It was a proud momma moment as well. 

My second, third and four BIG moments all occurred during my birthday month, September. My September prayer was, “Lord I want to celebrate something more than just a birthday. Give me something BIG!”  On Sept. 13th, I pass the NJ Real Estate Exam after serval takes. It was a celebration to be had after a long process and journey of studying . It also became the shift in my entrepreneurial career. 

On September 29th, I learned that I will finally become a grandmother in 2019. Yes a BIG moment I’ve been waiting for. And on the day of my 47th birthday. Yes I am 47! My marriage was renewed with a new ring. 
The last 12 months of my marriage were not peaches and Cream. We have both learned that with time, age, that our worlds and ways became different. It was causing us not to be in partnership agreement but through much prayer, communication, and direction from the Lord we were able to push pass the obstacles that were in our way and move onto celebrating 23 years of marriage. It took an investment of time, letting go of differences and a mutual agreement to rekindle the love and commitment to one another. Marriage is not easy! It is much like building a house. You have to build it to earn equity in it. Marriage is an investment and with Christ at the center it can be an eternal Union so long as we both live. 

So my lessons, “The big moments in life are made of by the decisions you make!” It was a big moment to not walk away from my family and marriage.

My recent  shift in a career into real estate. Why real estate? As I mentioned it is apart of my bFIT brand. The ‘I’ in bFIT means ‘invest for an inheritance. ‘ It stands for the wealth building component of being fit. That is the road to becoming financially fit. Real Estate is the road I choose to wealth build. Real Estate was something I almost ventured into after my first business shift from graphic design to ministry in 2007. This time my passion for real is more out of service. It is my passion to serve and teach families that homeownership can really help them set and secure there future and the future of their next generation. My career shift into real estate is the decision I have chosen to leave a legacy to my next generation. 

Have you had any BIG moments in 2018 you’d love to share?
What BIG moment lessons would you like to leave? 

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