21 Day Release – Day 1 The Break Up!

21 Day Release – Day 1 The Break Up!

Welcome to my 21 Day release blog series. The first 21 days of  December  is a time of the year that I intentional set for prayer, separation, evaluation and spiritual intimacy with my Lord and Savior. It is a time that I have valued since 2007, when I had a divine encounter with the Lord about the purpose and plans for my life and He birthed bFIT4Life in my heart. This time sets the tone for my 21 day 1st fruits corporate fasting at the beginning of  every new year. I am purposefully getting ready for a 2019 RESET!

Today I am focusing on two scriptures.

Hosea 10:12 “ Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you”…… I am reminded that Prayer proceeds everything! I am reminded to keep God 1st so that the ground of my heart is pure and  my passions and priorities in life are alignment with God. The first few days of separation are always the hardest because I am forcing myself to get out of my regular routines of life and work to draw closer to God in adoration. During this time the Lord is breaking up the old ground of my heart, nuisance habits and mindsets . He is cutting of relationships, areas and things that don’t belong in my personal life that may have crept in from lifes circumstances or wordly influences. A pruning and time of repentance. Yes I am  not perfect!  A break up has to take place. There has to be a recovering and refocusing because I believe there in something greater that God wants to do with my life. Things that I have been battling with , decisions and cross roads that I have been at are about to be broken up, confirmed and soldified!

It is in presence of God, that He begins to pour and release these insights and fashions your way of thinking  to believe greater than you could ever imagine. Breaking up requires a NEW You! Breaking up, gets you a breakthrough mentality that you can break out of the box of limitations that have been imposed by others, way of thinking that you can never do.

I don’t desire to ever remain the same. That is why forcibly changing my routine doing this time creates a change  in need in my life. I need my FIRE for the things of God and the things I am passionate about to spread like a wildfire.

In the second scripture, refers to a corporate breakout gathering that will result from the personal break up happenings. Those who come before Him!  in Micha 2:12-13.  As i approach our first fruits time of fasting I am going in with a great expectancy that ‘The One who breaks open the way will go up before them:…’ God is going before me and there is going to be an out pouring of HIM and the breakthroughs that I am believing for will COME!

What am I expecting to come out of my 21 day Release? A divine impartation from God over my life, family, ministry and business. That my path, purpose and my NEXT move is clear for the new year. That I have a funeral with the very things that the Lord is calling me to BREAK up with, will be broken and buried.

In order for new Potential to emerge, the OLD WAYS have to broken up!

I expect an freshness to over take my life, relationships and sphere of influence. So here is to a break up and release of a greater anointing upon me!

Do you take times of separation? 

Have you ever did a 21 Day fast?

Has behaviors crept into your heart causing negativity grow in you?

Have unpleasing mindsets  sabatagged your goals, life or relationships?

I hope you enjoyed this blog.  Leave me a comment 🙂



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