2018 Goals Lets Hear Them!

2018 Goals Lets Hear Them!

I strongly believe in goal setting and self-reflection because it encourages us to grow as unique individuals. … 2017 was such a growing year for me. It was the year that I went back to paper and pen and using a planner to intentionally chart the various aspects of my life.

I challenge you to write down your business and personal goals for 2018. It is a very important part of goal setting.

Completing this step can help you remember your goal and why you want to achieve it. If I don’t write something down or have it in front of me on a regular basis, I tend to forget about it.

If you can’t remember your 2018 goals, it would be very hard to achieve them. I suggest that you think about:

🌀Creating a blog to detail your progress.
🌀Making a vision board.
🌀Putting post-its around your home that list your yearly goals.
🌀Placing reminders on your phone, calendar, or whatever else you use for your to-do list.

Next developing an action plan that will help you get to your goals. One thing I have set differently from last year is to plan my goals quarterly. It makes me think of things in intervals. I guess it is the trainer in me to think that. This makes my goal a lot more obtainable . Almost like setting a deadline. When you have a deadline it cause you to have a great action plan in place to produce the finishing product.

I wish you great success in 2018 in reaching your goals. Let me know if you need someone to hold you accountable. ☺️

GOT GOALS? Let’s hear them.

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