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A season of CHANGE! We all have to go thru seasons. When change is involved it can become hard to transition and evolve. One thing I LOVE and learned so much about change is the NEW result and the ability to break old habits. I’ve learned that change equals growth. Where there is growth there is fruit. Change is the necessary process that needs to take place for something NEW to evolve. Wouldn’t you agree?


Where I am today is because I have come to a place of decision. I’ve decided to change my mindset in the following areas of my life; spiritual life, health, relationships, business, and finances. Until you make a decision nothing will change. After you have made a decision there needs to be a roadmap to help you achieve whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

Let’s take health for an example since this is one of the greatest areas of life many struggle with and tend to put on the back burner. To achieve better health, one must choose to eat healthier and move more! There has to be a plan in place to make better choices. For example, meal plans and a workout regimen. Decide on what you will eat means preparing a better shopping list of choose foods. Second, decide on incorporating exercise into your daily activities. My advise is to carve out a small interval of 30 minutes out of your day to love on you! Find an active activity that will challenge your heartrate, have you busting a sweat for 30 minutes. Remember you are just starting off so 30 minutes of being uncomfortable will be enough. Increase from there.

Third, your relationships can become your support and accountability system. When you decide to surround yourself with the right people you will continue to have the positive drive and mindset to accomplish the task before you. You will be encouraged and fueled to keep striving in your journey. You will eventually accomplish and have the success you are looking for. I love to follow those that I aspire to be like.

So remember in all of this decision making what you focus on will grow! As you implement the changes, stay the course you will have a great outcome.

Remember where I am today is because I have come to a place of decision. A place of change…..

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