Hello my name is Lysa E. Bishop and I am a Jersey Girl born and raised.  I have many titles but here I’d like to be known as bfit4lifer 🙂  I am here to communicate health, fitness and beauty content. You can follow me on most social media outlets @bfit4lifer. I look to see many of you stick around and follow me on this blog site.  Watch the bfit4lifer brand go worldwide.

I am a loving wife and mother of 2 amazing special young men (ages 24 and 22 ). I work full time as a studio owner at The bFIT Studio in Camden, NJ


I realized that I am an Entrepreneur at heart once I started joining MLM’s in 2013. It took me back to how my grandfather persevered in running his produce business. It was in 2013 that I decided,  I would not punch the 9-5 clock any longer and follow by business dreams.


I am starting my Younique business to have something to keep me challenged and begin a new saving plan for a new home from this new stream of residual income.  My Younique biz has allowed me to make a little extra money while building my other business! I wouldn’t sell something I didn’t really like myself and I fell in love with their products one by one so I’m sharing the wealth.


Since I started selling Younique, I have become more confident and my altered ego to become a model has emerged.  I get to play with my makeup, take great selfies and uplift other women. I have truly found a skincare line  that is naturally based and makes my face Happy and beautiful.



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